Engagement and Onboarding

Ensuring your candidates & new starters have a high touch quality recruitment and onboarding welcome

Get connected to the best talent

Experience and engagement is paramount

All of our recruitment solutions have processes that are efficient, highly engaging, and reflect the values required of employees at the hiring organisations.

We ensure that all responses are completed in a timely manner ensuring every candidate hears back in a prompt timeframe.

At every stage of the recruitment process, a member of the recruitment team is available to answer queries or concerns.

We regularly update applicants on the progress of their application across multiple channels.

Ahead of interviews we send out Hints & Tips guides to applicants, as well as ensuring that they receive a good luck text from us hours before the interview.

Following interview, we deliver job offers to successful applicants, as well as regretting and giving feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Always available

Candidates can contact us via a range of means including phone, email, and online chat

Responsive and friendly

Our social care recruiters are on hand to support candidates to do their very best

Efficient cycle times

We ensure candidates are moved through the process in a timely manner to avoid drop out

Engagement throughout

Best practice candidate management and control techniques to make sure the right people are engaged

Pre-employment compliance and onboarding

High drop out during the compliance process is a common challenge within social care recruitment. Some care providers report up to 50% drop out, and sometimes even more where they don’t have the resource or capacity to drive efficiency.

At Cohesion, we’ve worked hard to make the process highly engaging and supportive for candidates which allows a significantly higher conversion rate between offer and start. In fact, our processes have in many instances reduced drop out to less than 20%.

During the process, we collect references, collate the employment timeline, carry out criminal record DBS checks and support candidates with onboarding paperwork. We only collect the information when we need it – so there is no asking for references during the application process.

Our compliance process gives you confidence that the information needed is collated, checked and on file for when you need it.

Our Solutions

Fully Outsourced Recruitment

Delivering end to end in-house recruitment services from attraction to an onboarding

Targeted Attraction Strategies

Online and offline branding and attraction to your target applicant audience

Exit and Retention Interviews

Identify why people leave, and how to retain your top employees

Campaign and Project Recruitment

Bespoke recruitment projects delivering high-quaility talent to your door.

Assessment and Selection

A bank of tried and tested screening and assessment techniques

Data and Analytics

Taking advantage of big data in recruitment

Agency & Bank Management

Add value, visibility and compliance to your temporary workforce

Engagement and Onboarding

Ensuring that applicants have a fantastic engagement with your organisation

Recruitment Toolkit

Learn from our recruitment toolkit for social care - attraction, assessment and onboarding.

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