Data and Analytics

We use data driven recruitment and retention processes that are proven to succeed. In all cases we use data, research and evidence to support the recommendations we make and improve and prove the work that we deliver

Get connected to the best talent

Management Information and Data Analysis

Bespoke Technology

We ensure that technology and best practice positively impacts your organisation. We commission our technology bespoke to our social care recruitment processes. Using timestamped data within our Applicant Tracking System, we produce live snapshots of recruitment activity, and retrospective Management Information and analysis for review.

Recruitment intelligence and trend information

Our ability to be innovative and to add value to recruitment processes is based on our substantial use of data analysis from the work that we do across social care providers. This includes analysis of optimal application form length and design, attraction source analysis, and diversity and inclusion enhancements.

A Suite of Recruitment Management Reporting

Job activity

Highlighting number of applications and candidates in process

Cycle times

From application to start date and key dates in between

Cost per Hire

With comparisons against other roles and other locations

Applicant source

Online, offline and talent pool

Diversity statistics

All candidates taken through the recruitment process

Retention statistics

How many new starters still in place

Data driven recruitment enhancements

Our Solutions

Fully Outsourced Recruitment

Delivering end to end in-house recruitment services from attraction to an onboarding

Targeted Attraction Strategies

Online and offline branding and attraction to your target applicant audience

Exit and Retention Interviews

Identify why people leave, and how to retain your top employees

Campaign and Project Recruitment

Bespoke recruitment projects delivering high-quaility talent to your door.

Assessment and Selection

A bank of tried and tested screening and assessment techniques

Data and Analytics

Taking advantage of big data in recruitment

Agency & Bank Management

Add value, visibility and compliance to your temporary workforce

Engagement and Onboarding

Ensuring that applicants have a fantastic engagement with your organisation

Recruitment Toolkit

Learn from our recruitment toolkit for social care - attraction, assessment and on-boarding.

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