Agency & Bank Management

We understand the risks and necessities of temporary staff and can manage your Recruitment Agency exposure.

Get connected to the best talent

Bespoke, neutral and compliant

Our work is focused on reducing agency spend and amplifying your permanent and bank workforce pools. We support you to meet compliance needs where agency use is unavoidable.

Our technology and processes ensure full and auditable compliance with all relevant CQC and government legislation to protect against safeguarding and employment risks.

Technology is one part of the puzzle but does not replace our team’s expertise. Our specialist recruiters drive the process to allow for consistency & quality and offer dedicated support – available to speak with you when you need them.

Cohesion have delivered a truly neutral managed service since 2007. We have no direct temporary workers employed and do not prioritise candidates for profit.

Our Neutral Vendor Managed Service solution offers the following results:

Bank solutions as an alternative flexible resource pool

One of the biggest challenges in social care is being able to deliver flexibility. Cohesion’s Bank Solution allows this.

Our Bank Solution ensures that your bank workers are fully utilised – as a first point of call for cover before agency workers. Pools regularly engaged with, and availability understood upfront.

Our bank solution offers the following:

Clear processes to ensure bank employees are considered before agency workers

Mapped out availability upfront and better utilisation across homes and services

Better engagement with bank employees to make them feel fully included

MI to identify where bank recruitment campaigns are needed and support in recruiting to the pool if required

Evidence of cost savings as a result of no agency margins and VAT

Feedback on why bank employees are leaving

Specialists in reducing spend and adding value

Our solutions help you to drive down temp spend across your organisation. As well as reducing agency margins to the lowest competitive level, we reduce total agency spend by addressing overall agency use, and remove non-margin charges including admin mark-ups and Temp to Perm fees.

Temporary recruitment technology

Our Software is easy to use, intuitive and regularly updated with client requirements. It gives the hiring manager or HR the ability to raise and fill shifts online and can act as an online rota. It also allows both manager and candidate access to online timesheets to validate their hours and allow payment to be made for work completed.

Working hard to leave no vacancy unfilled

We are a preferred supply chain partner to local and national recruitment agencies, giving us access to the widest talent pool for your organisations. Our 99%+ fill rates reflects the knowledge of our recruiters, the breadth of our supplying agencies and the overall quality of our processes and solutions.

Our Solutions

Fully Outsourced Recruitment

Delivering end to end in-house recruitment services from attraction to an onboarding

Targeted Attraction Strategies

Online and offline branding and attraction to your target applicant audience

Exit and Retention Interviews

Identify why people leave, and how to retain your top employees

Campaign and Project Recruitment

Bespoke recruitment projects delivering high-quaility talent to your door.

Assessment and Selection

A bank of tried and tested screening and assessment techniques

Data and Analytics

Taking advantage of big data in recruitment

Agency & Bank Management

Add value, visibility and compliance to your temporary workforce

Engagement and Onboarding

Ensuring that applicants have a fantastic engagement with your organisation

Recruitment Toolkit

Learn from our recruitment toolkit for social care - attraction, assessment and on-boarding.

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