Assessment and Selection

Recruiting the right people, with the right values, who will stay with your organisation for longer.

Supporting evidence-based recruitment and assessment methods

For most organisations retention is as big or bigger challenge than recruitment.

Selecting and assessing the right person for your organisation will ensure that you recruit individuals who enhance the quality of your services and reduce your organisation’s turnover.

Cohesion employ a number of methods of assessment dependant on the role and your organisational requirements.

Cohesion use data from hundreds of assessments across numerous clients to validate the quality of our tools as indicators of high quality recruits.

Our Solutions

Understanding what 'good' looks like

We work with your organisation's HR teams, Hiring Managers and existing high quality staff to understand the ideal applicant for your organisation.

Positive and negative indicators

We will build a set of indicators to ensure that all applicants are appropriately scored against your ‘what good looks like’ criteria, as well as ensuring consistency in reviewing applications.

Values Based Recruitment

Values Based Recruitment has been designed to help you as an employer, in recruiting the right people, with the right values, whom you can trust to do the right thing and who will stay with you to develop their career while adding value to your service.

Telephone or Video Interviews

All applicants are screened against a number of questions based on your pre-agreed role and organisational criteria. Video interviews are becoming more commonplace as a method of initial assessment.

Psychometric Tests

We can recommend appropriate applicant testing, including verbal and numeric, personality, and Social Care specific Care Character.

Assessment Centres

Cohesion will organise, design and deliver your assessment centres - providing material, facilitating and assessing, and providing candidate feedback.

Values Based Recruitment to assess applicants that embody your values and culture.

Values based recruitment is all about ensuring the people you hire reflect the right values and motivations for wanting to work in care and support – no matter whether they have previous experience in the sector or not.

Often concentrating your recruitment effort on finding someone with the right attitude and values will prove more successful in the long term, than concentrating purely on experience. Someone who is the right fit with the desire to learn is likely to stay with you for longer, reducing your staff turnover and costs of recruitment.

Cohesion’s Values Based Recruitment processes include:

Assessing The Right Qualities For A Career In Care.

Created by Cohesion and:

Prof. Steve Woods – Leading Psychologist at Liverpool Management School

Dr. John Barratt – Author of “Recruitment and Selection in the UK Care Sector: A Longitudinal Study of Effectiveness in Resourcing Methods and Practice”

Our Solutions

Fully Outsourced Recruitment

Delivering end to end in-house recruitment services from attraction to an onboarding

Targeted Attraction Strategies

Online and offline branding and attraction to your target applicant audience

Exit and Retention Interviews

Identify why people leave, and how to retain your top employees

Campaign and Project Recruitment

Bespoke recruitment projects delivering high-quaility talent to your door.

Assessment and Selection

A bank of tried and tested screening and assessment techniques

Data and Analytics

Taking advantage of big data in recruitment

Agency & Bank Management

Add value, visibility and compliance to your temporary workforce

Engagement and Onboarding

Ensuring that applicants have a fantastic engagement with your organisation

Recruitment Toolkit

Learn from our recruitment toolkit for social care - attraction, assessment and on-boarding.

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