All around the world today, people everywhere will be celebrating their relationships.

And here at Cohesion, we’re no different. Except, it is a different type of “ship” we’re celebrating. A partnership. We are celebrating 2 years of recruitment to be exact.

Two years ago today, began our recruitment partnership with Turning Point – one of the UK’s leading Health and Social Care organisations. Since then, by Turning Point’s own admission, we have become, “an integral part” of their HR team. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a time when Cohesion did not fully manage Turning Point’s recruitment function.

When the idea of working together first surfaced, Turning Point were on the hunt for a partner who was as forward-thinking as they were.

They wanted a “one-stop end-to-end” service for their recruitment managers and candidates alike.

They didn’t just want quality hires – they wanted meaningful recruitment data and a sophisticated applicant tracking system along with it too.

Looking back so far, we’d like to think we’re achieving this – and more (click to enlarge):

Cohesion & Utning Point

Aside from the facts and figures, here’s what the people at both Cohesion and Turning Point had to say:

Melissa Moore, Recruiting Partner at Turning Point:

“Cohesion have worked hard to ensure the service they provide is suited to both the organisation and the applicants. We now have a seamless process that makes the Cohesion recruitment team an integral part of the wider HR team. Cohesion provide essential management information to both recruiting managers locally and senior stakeholders within Turning Point making them not only a resourcing partner but a strategic one too. The team are fantastic and are very flexible with their approach to our recruitment. “

Dave Beesley, Account Manager at Cohesion:

“The partnership between Cohesion and Turning Point has grown from strength to strength over the past 2 years. The key to our partnership so far is our shared desire to constantly evolve and improve as the recruitment world changes. Turning Point is an aspirational organisation – passionate about the service they provide. We share that passion about recruitment here at Cohesion – and that’s important. Ultimately, we are very proud of our partnership with Turning Point, and I am really excited about the future.”

Here’s to a fruitful 2 years of recruitment and many more to come, Turning Point!