As we fast approach an important date for the UK, more and more views about Brexit are being aired every day. Opposing arguments, facts and figures can muddy the waters, and when speaking with friends and fellow colleagues there’s uncertainty with both arguments.

With 1 in 20 workers in the UK from the EU and potential changes to free movement, Brexit could have a major impact on the UK’s employment market. With skills shortages across some of our major sectors, it’s hard to picture employment without uncertainty; Brexit or no Brexit.

Whether the UK remains or decides to leave the EU, combatting challenges in recruitment should be an important consideration for any employer. More than ever, the debate has meant that we’re speaking with clients, partners and other industry experts about breaking down barriers; advising on better ways to attract candidates and open more employment doors.

Being Flexible – according to Glassdoor, around a third of workers would prefer the option of working flexibly to a pay rise. Some employers will want staff to be fully flexible, but now is the time to be rethinking this – why should employees be flexible if employers aren’t trying it themselves? A change to rota patterns may be a headache in the short-term, but longer term flexibility for staff may create better working environments and aid retention.

Talking with future talent – with the apprenticeship levy announcement, more employers are considering apprentices as an essential route to hire. It’s been disheartening to hear that some schools and colleges are unable to engage with employers or advertise vacancies where they aren’t the chosen learning provider, and we feel strongly about an attitude change to ensure access to employer information is provided to all pupils and students.

Creating a buzz about your sector – thanks to negative press, bias and misconceptions, it’s not easy to uphold positive industry reputation. For those who face these difficulties, we say do something about it! What does it really mean to work in your world, what exciting challenges can be expected in role, and what rewards go with them? We’re seeing more employers turn to the power of video, social media and gamification to get their message out there – and if you’re one of them – we salute you!

Brexit or no Brexit, the employment sector is ever-changing. As recruitment experts, we have a duty to challenge and break down employment barriers no matter what route the UK takes.

A blog written by Dave Beesley who is passionate about breaking down barriers in recruitment. Get in touch with him at